License Plate Lookup

Check Any License Plate to Learn About Vehicle Specification or Get Vehicle History.

Check Any License Plate And Verify For Previous Owners, Title, More

Looking to buy or sell a used vehicle? Consider a license plate lookup! Instant VIN Report tool provides you with hassle free access to vehicle history information. It gives you peace of mind when you know or understand the history of a used car.

It saves you from other pitfalls associated with used cars, such as buying a stolen vehicle, a vehicle with multiple owners, fake mileage, vehicles involved in an accident, etc.

What is a License Plate Number?

A License plate is a metallic or plastic case, usually attached to the front end and rear side of a vehicle for identification purposes.
It is also known as a number plate, this is because it contains a unique set of characters that is specific for a particular vehicle.
In many countries of the world, it is a requirement for all vehicles to be registered and licensed.
Hence the name “License Plate” is used, meaning a plate which displays a vehicle’s license number.

What will you find on our License Plate Lookup Report?

Searching a number plate with Instant VIN Reports helps you to uncover any hidden history of a vehicle under consideration. It offers valuable insights which will ultimately lead to a better and economical decision.
Our report will provide you with detailed information which includes:

Title information

You will get to know if a car was salvaged or stolen, what was the title during the auction. A vehicle may be branded salvage, junk, flood, collision etc

Auction photos & history

When available, we provide over 10 auction photos of the vehicle to help buyers make an informed decision

True mileage

Vehicle history report is able to show the last known odometer reading of a vehicle

Total loss history

Our vehicle history report can show if a used vehicle you want to buy has been branded “total loss”

Vehicle recalls

Our vehicle history report can show if a vehicle has any open safety recalls. You can learn more about all vehicle recalls and also check if your vehicle has open recall

Loan & Lien Verification

Instant VIN vehicle history report can verify if a vehicle has a loan and lien history

Best Time to Trade

Based on sound technical analysis of the market, we provide our customers with information on the best time to buy or sell a vehicle

Market Value

The market value estimates the retail value of a vehicle based on the price that similar vehicles across the United States have sold for in recent months

Warranty Status

Our vehicle history report can reveal the type of warranty coverage, the current status information and if the vehicle is still under or out of warranty

Importance of A License Plate Lookup

License plates have different types ranging from standard to specialized. You can choose to change the license plates but first, you will need to learn what type it is. You can do it by using our license plate lookup for vehicles anywhere in the United States.

Types of License Plates

Verifying a license plate lookup is very important. This could be for due diligence of a car that you are interested in buying, or can be to report a bad driver. It is also possible that you are just curious about the previous owner. Using our free license plate check service, you can learn more about the vehicle’s history and previous owners. You can also get vehicle history reports by using our advanced VIN Check tool.
List of license plate types: